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With a consistent, uniform appearance, the positive perception of a company or a brand will increase.

Services for TRANSCOM:

The company is specialized in customer relationship management (CMR) and serves as an outsourcing partner. Thus their clients can focus on their strong points: Stationary, folder and leaflet

Client: Infobridge GmbH



Corporate design applications for the sports and orthopaedics company swissbiomechanics. The company specialises in foot and movement analysis and the resulting adjustments to footwear/sports equipment. In the course of the collaboration, a wide range of products have been further developed: Business card, product catalogue, pop-up exhibition displays, prescription pads, vouchers, labels, advertisements, and much more ...


Services for ROSSIS:

Corporate design for the swiss fashion label ROSSIS. The company creates bags, wallets and accessoires. Over the years the following products were made: Stationary, catalog, ads, product-label, coupon, flyer, warranty card, newsletter ...


Services for NEUTHAL:

Corporate design for the therapeutical institution Neuthal. It supports drug addicts to get clean and find a way back to regular life: Stationary, brochure, flyer, christmas cards, annual reports, powerpoint presentation of their therapeutical concept, website ...